Sunday, October 26, 2014

In the beginning.....

Hello and welcome to Whitty Design. This is sort of a trial, a test, and an experiment all in one. Whitty Design is my first attempt (and hopefully my only one) at pursuing my passion - design.
Im not gonna try and tell you about all the things I think I'm great at and what I think I could do for you. Instead Im going to create, shape, make, design, build, destroy and rebuild. I am willing to try anything and everything. I will give it all a try if you like.

My Life to Date

So I figured its about time I actually posted something more on here. I have had this blog for quite a long time now and havent actually done anything with it. I have moved a bit and have finally ended up in NZ again. Its the place I grew up in and love the most in the whole world.
Thats not to say there arent other amazing places around the world. Canada still holds a piece of me, as does Australia. Im not sure whats next at this stage but NZ is it for me for the time being.

So down to the business end. I have been working on all sorts of things - pallet related things such as planter boxes, a table and benches to match, a coffee table, wall art, and a wall planter.

I have built a rolling work table for my dad. Oh and I also took a first swipe at modifying a motorbike which got nicknamed the badger.

It was all good fun and great experience. I think I have learnt what not to do and the next bike will be a whole lot more fun, and much quicker to modify.

The next thing on my list of things to make is a motorcycle lift. This will be handy as it will give me another workbench and also its a cool project. There is also a possibility that I will attempt a pedal car formed out of sheet metal but thats a little way away yet.

Watch this space....